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Physics 1 and 2

According to the physics curriculum for the 1st and 2nd grade of secondary schools

Contents: Questions and tasks, Laboratory, Periodic system, Values and units, Physical parameters, Physicist
Language: English  Price: 1290din / CD (15 €)

Physics 1 and Physics 2 are two multimedia programs developed on the basis of curriculums for the first and second grade of secondary schools in Yugoslavia. Physics 1 focuses on the basic features of mechanics, while Physics 2 deals with the occurrences connected with heat and electromagnetism. These programs are based on thematic descriptions, a combination of classical textbook approach and animated simulations of corresponding physical occurrences, accompanied by oral explanation. The programs consist of more than 200 animations. The advantage of most animations is that they demonstrate dynamic occurrences in the micro world in an idealized way, and that these occurrences cannot be presented so well in textbooks.

The other five modules have the encyclopedic character. They contain the information necessary for a detailed secondary school study of physics.Three practice and test modules accompany each topical field. Two of these modules. QUESTIONS and TASKS – have been presented as specific problems with detailed solutions.
In our opinion, the LABORATORY module is the best part of the program. It is completely interactive, and offers the student a series of experiments – simulations of laboratory practice, both those that are part of the curriculum and those that cannot be conducted in real life, such as the launching of satellites or destruction of meteorites. Some of these experiments resemble computer games, which gives the students an additional motive to solve them. In Yugoslavia, this module is also important because it may partly replace the real school laboratory, which is not available in the majority of schools in this country.

The PERIODIC SYSTEM module offers a description of all chemical elements, together with their physical and chemical characteristics.

The VALUES AND UNITS module offers the definitions of the SI values and units, as well as a list of obsolete, specially permitted and Anglo-Saxon units. The PHYSICAL PARAMETERS module offers a list of fundamental physical constants as well as the quantitative features of certain substances and physical fields.
The PHYSICISTS module brings short biographies of a large number of scientists who made a fundamental contribution to the development of physics. A concise chronological presentation of the most important discoveries in physics as well as a list of all Nobel Prize winners make up the module HISTORY OF PHYSICS.